Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

It is a polypropylene fibre (plastic) woven into a rubber latex backing. It comes in various heights from 15mm pile height to 45mm pile height, as well as densities.

How long does it last

Our products will last up to 20 years. Our product is backed by a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty and our installations are guaranteed for 2 years. Our product is U.V stabilized to minimize any fading and deterioration. There may be slight fading over the years of exposure to sunlight.

Will it fade

Our product is U.V stabilized to minimize any fading and deterioration.There may be slight fading over the years due to the exposure to sunlight . With an 7 year manufacturer warranty, and an expected life span of 15-20 years, a very cost effective investment.

How do I maintain it

There is very little in the way of maintenance involved. You may need to sweep the lawn or use a blower to remove leaves ect…

How much does it cost

We have a large range with prices starting from $26pm2 supply only, OR from $65pm2 supplied and installed.

Please take into consideration when estimating your requirements, our product comes in 4m widths.

This is very important as you must always allow for the waste.

ie: if your area is 4m x 7m =28m2 and square then you will have no waste…..  This will cost $1,820.00 + GST at $65 per m2


If your area is 3.6m x 7m = 25.2m2, you still need to order 28m2 as you have to take the waste into consideration.

Please call if you have any further questions. We trust the above calculation helps a little!


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Green all year round
  • Is not slippery around the pool
  • Minimal maintenance and superior all weather performance
  • No prickles or lawn beetles
  • Dries quickly, no soggy patches
  • No fertilizer or chemicals in our ground water
  • Safe for children
  • No mowing or weeding
  • Non-allergic
  • Covered by a manufacturer’s 7 year warranty


All our products carry an 7 year manufacturer’s warranty, but with correct install your turf should last 15-20 years. Our installation work is fully guaranteed for 2 years.

Surface Preparation & Installation

Professional installation is key. We always install on at least a 70mm hard base in low traffic areas and 100mm in high traffic areas. By preparing a quality compacted base it ensures it is laid flat and looks natural for the life of the product. Then the grass is laid and cut into place joining were needed. Finally we cover the lawn in washed white sand and peg around the edges to ensure the grass will not move. Sometimes when installing the grass creases may appear, this happens when folding and moving the grass into position for laying. The creases will naturally fall out over the 3 month resting period.