Our Products

At WA Grass our grass products have been hand selected to withstand the intense weather conditions of Western Australia. In our research we have found there are several sythetic grass products on the west australian market, we also found that some were better than others. We wanted the best, the one that would last through the high temperatures of the summers in W.A. and the intense ultraviolet light we receive from the sun. We’ve tried every available turf product and installation system in the sythetic grass industry. We are constantly updating our instalation techniques to keep up with our ever changing industry.


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Exclusive to WA GRASS
This grass is specifically designed to retain less heat, 
making it perfect for Australian summers.

36mm – 38mm pile height , tones of light and dark green, lighter coloured monofiliment fibres.

Meadow Fine Blade (Soft touch)
36mm pile height, fine narrow blades with dense monofilament give a deep luxurious pile.
Putting Green

Pet Mats
Pets love the feel of Synthetic Turf , Pet Mats for indoor and Outdoor use. Available in 2 sizes.
DIY – Artificial Grass
Available in 4 metre widths and can be cut to the required length for DIY Supply.

Joining Tape

Sold by the LM.

Galvanised Pins

Sports Surface Adhesive
To secure Artificial Grass joins.